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What is a Missional Community?

In essence, a Missional Community is a group of redeemed people, knowing their redeemer and seeking to introduce other people to Him.
Missional Communities are made up of Christians that have identified a specific area in which they feel called to minister in. For example, at The Well, we currently have Missional Community that is centered on reaching those in the climbing community. They regularly host climbing events where they have the opportunity to talk about Jesus and invite others to church. This is a great way to reach the lost in the Boulder area.

What is a Dig Group?

Dig Groups are small groups of people who go through a sermon-specific study guide in order to grow in their love for God and others. Dig Groups will operate on a semester-based frequency (10-15 weeks in the Spring and 10-15 weeks in the Fall) and after the completion of each 'semester' participants will have the option to continue or discontinue meeting.