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Missional Intentionality Part 1

We had our Fall Missional Community Quarterly this past week and talked about what it means to be hospitable and invitational. Our MC Quarterlies are meetings designed to give our MC leaders a chance to learn from each other and continually grow, so one of our hopes is to provide a place for leaders to get fresh ideas and insights into what is working and what is not in th...

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Missional Intentionality Part 2

In the last blog we talked about the purpose of our MC Quarterly Events and what the Central Boulder MC has been doing well. Click here to catch up.Relational InvestmentThe investment came to play in how they invited people to these trips. Generally, they didn't invite someone on this trip that they haven't spent time intentionally getting to know first. This wasn't to vet...

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What is it and Why? ...

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Dig Groups

What is a Dig Group? Dig groups are groups of 2-5 people (we recommend gender specific) who get together on a regular basis to disciple one another into Christ in their head, heart, and hands. Discipleship focuses on beliefs, affections, and life. How do I get connected to a Dig Group?Talk with your Missional Community leader about what Dig Group you should join up with....

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Financial Generosity

Having your life changed by Jesus isn't just a one time event. Although it is that, it is also a long, sometimes slow process of loving him and loving others. As Eugene Peterson has called it, "a long obedience in the same direction." The Well is a church that's in it for the long haul. We're here to see lives transformed over generations. That's why we're invested in shar...

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Become More Fruitful

Our third goal for this year as a church is to become more fruitful. Biblically, fruitfulness has to do with both holiness and disciple making. Some churches pit faithfulness and fruitfulness against one another as if making efforts to grow is somehow contrary to just "letting go, and letting God." We desire to be both faithful and fruitful. We want to see The Well grow n...

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Become More Knowledgable On What It Means to be a Diverse Church in Our Context

Another goal of ours this year is to become more familiar with what it would look like to be a church marked by diversity. Some people view diversity with an eye towards skin color. Others picture diversity in line with the book of James with the poor and rich in the church together striving for unity. Still yet others view diversity with regards to social status. We want...

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Develop Healthy Servant Leadership

One of our goals this year as a church is to develop healthy servant leadership. We want to be a church which models the leadership of Jesus in serving one another. Just as Jesus came to earth not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45), we want to serve one another. We want to do so not to earn one another's affections or approval but for the benefit of others. We desire t...

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The Bread of Life

We live in a culture obsessed with food. Myself included, most of our time throughout the day is spent pondering, planning, buying, preparing, cooking, consuming, cleaning up after food. Not to mention the instagramming, blogging, posting, bragging, and recommending of recent food adventures. When we get together with friends, it involves food; when we invite others over, ...

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What is the Gospel? It was the question that silenced everyone. No one at the table was able to comprehend the softball subject that was tossed out into the conversation. And still there it was: a term so simply accepted by Christians daily, and yet a word we stake everything we do on. But still no one responded. Many times we become so comfortable with our Christian voca...

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