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Spiritual & Mental health amid a pandemic: 3 insights for those suffering

Heal during this time of uncertainty by caring for yourself and your community...

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Educate yourself: resources to learn about race

Looking for gospel-centred resources to fight against racism? Read Pastor Matt's recommended resources to get you started. The goal with these resources below is not to agree with everything in every resource, but to begin listening and learning. We will be adding resources over time to make this list even better. ...

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Make The Most of The Well During COVID-19

Church Family, I hope you were as blessed as I was to join in the church online experience. While we obviously don't prefer to meet digitally and would much more prefer to meet in person, our teams did a fantastic job putting together an online service for our church in 48 hours. If you haven't thanked Scott Gayer, Tyler Shaw, and Hudson Ratzlaff yet, shoot an email or ...

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31 Days in Proverbs

A WORLD IN NEED OF WISDOM Our world is inundated with information. Never has so much information been available to so many. But with the proliferation of information in this digital age has also come the overwhelming sense that we don't know how to live wisely. We don't know how to use the information we have. In our sermon series through the book of Proverbs, God is ...

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The Voice of Wisdom in Art

BEHIND THE ART The picture for this series of one woman is taking the concept of "Voice of Wisdom" and interpreting it is as an abstract portrait of a woman personifying wisdom as we find in the book of Proverbs early on.Loose strokes and shapes represent different facets of wisdom described in Proverbs. The strokes and shapes come to together form a picture of wisdom. ...

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Why Year End Giving?

Year-end giving makes the difference. In this quick post, I wanted to ask you to get involved through year-end giving.I've talked with countless people at The Well who are involved at our church through giving. Part of the reason people give is because they feel more connected and more invested in what God is doing at their church. Year-end giving is a great way to get ...

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How to Be A Buff at The Well

We may be a little biased, but the real question is, "Why shouldn't you attend The Well?" The Well Boulder may not be the church for you if you hate having a good time, if you think church should be boring, if you want to go to church miles and miles away from campus, or if you have a disdain for great music. Seriously though, we think The Well is the perfect church ...

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What We’re Going for in 2019-2020

The Well's leaders and elders go through an annual process of discerning where God might be inviting us to grow as a church. This year is no different and so we wanted to share with you some things we feel called to pursue this year at The Well. WIN THE WEEKEND Our first goal we feel led to pursue this year is to win the weekend with respect to creating a hospitable env...

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3 Ways to engage The Well Music

Music at The Well comes from a place of Gospel Centrality rooted in a worshipful creativity that's particular to our community. We get questions a lot about like where to listen to our catalog, what we've written ourselves and what's next.Here's a 3 ways to enjoy more of The Well Music this year:1. Stream our CatalogWe curate and constantly change the diet of music we sing...

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Why is the Bible Important?

Why is the Bible important to Christianity? This past Sunday I preached a sermon on the authority of the Bible hereand how we should use the Bible. My hope is that you were encouraged to trust God's word and study it more. I wanted to drop some extra resources in case you were curious to learn more about the authority of the Bible or how to read it. Book Resource Craig ...

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