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City of God

What is our story? We are not merely individuals who just happen to work and live in a similar geographic vicinity. If we are in Christ, then we are part of a story of cosmic redemption. The church is God’s city amongst the cities of man to show them a better way. We are ambassadors for the kingdom of God living out this cosmic redemption. We cannot settle for a story which the Bible does not teach. We cannot settle for a story in which Christ died and lives today but nothing has changed. The of Jesus Christ has public implications and demands a public response. In this sermon series, we will explore the implications for the gospel story of cosmic redemption for our world today.

January 16, 2022

City of God - Fall

Speaker: Matt Patrick Series: City of God Passage: Genesis 3:14–3:20

January 9, 2022

City of God - Creation

Speaker: Chase Davis Series: City of God Passage: Genesis 1:26–1:28