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Winter MC Quarterly Part 2

In the last blog we introduced the winter MC Quarterly Event’s topic of the pressures we leaders place on ourselves including the first pressure of grand desires. Click here to catch up before moving on to the next two pressures discussed.

This is the one I resonate with. Maybe you are like me and find a way to place our worth and identity in the roles we are in. So if we aren’t thriving in our roles, then we aren’t thriving period. Leading to sadness and exhaustion.

I’ll get wrapped up in being a MC Director - then when people aren’t saying “hey Matt, you’re the best MC Director we’ve ever had” then I’ll go home and head into this downward spiral of - “if only I was this way,” or “I have to change myself in these ways…” Obviously not a sustaining mode of thought when being a leader.

We have wonderful leaders and I’m all about them caring about their roles, but we all need to be reminded that we are children of God. Our identity isn’t in being the greatest missional community leaders Boulder has ever seen. We are God’s own before we are MC leaders. It can definitely be tiring and challenging when our happiness is based on how we are doing as leaders, but luckily for us, joy is found in our rightful place at the Lord’s table.

I encouraged them to join me in daily times of self-preaching. The gospel isn’t just a one time penetrating message. Its continuously transforming and we need to hear it always. We are so dearly loved by God that he died just to bring us to the feast as co-heirs.

Unmet Expectations
We may be adding to our tiredness because of unmet expectations. Most likely these exist because of having the wrong expectations upon the onset of leadership. Time management may be needed if these expectations are time commitment related.

But when I said unmet expectations I was more referring to our past with the MC. Maybe we expect our MCs to be exactly like it was several months back when we had different people in it. Maybe we had some people that since have moved away and they added so much to the group dynamic. When they left - there was a hole and the group hasn’t recovered.

Leading is going to be a fluid thing. We need to remember to keep expectations, missions, and goals at proclaiming the gospel and making disciples. We need to lean into our strengths and not into falsely the perceived weakness of not being like someone else.

I wasn't telling them to forgo casting vision, making goals, implementing plans, or good old fashion getting things done.

This wasn’t like that scene in Rudy where I was like Vince Vaughn’s character. The scene where Rudy goes 110% on the practice field and Vince Vaughn walks up and screams at him for going all out making everyone else look bad. Then the coach walks up and says something like I want everyone to have that kind of heart like Rudy. So our ambitious leaders weren’t just knocking it out of the park and didn’t stroll in to just say “woah woah… This is The Well - calm down.” I was merely asking our leaders to check our motivations and understanding of what it means to be Missional Community leaders.

I told them to make plans and lead in the most organized way possible. I also want them to keep prayerfully considering the definition of their ministry, their motivations, their identity, and their expectations. There is a difference in working for the Lord and working for oneself. One is our joy and one is a source of exhaustion.

Once I was done with the teaching, we broke out into smaller groups to talk about what we’ve learned. These groups answered these questions:

-Why did you originally want to become involved in MC leadership?
-Do you see yourself heading in one of these directions (incomplete desires, identity crisis, or unmet expectations)? Explain.
-What great things have you seen the Lord do in your MC and have you celebrated it?
-What part of your life is fighting to be where you place your identity?
-Is there any expectations you have had about MC leadership that you feel has not been met? What do you think went wrong there?
-What do you need to preach to yourself regarding the gospel?

This was a wonderful night of reflection and introspection. We look forward to our next MC Quarterly event in March.

If you have questions about Missional Communities or about leading one - please email Matt