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This is Why we give


As we reach the end of the calendar year, we want to make sure that you know about the opportunity to be generous here at The Well. End of year giving catalyzes our church in a couple of ways. It helps us make ends meet through the leaner budget months when giving is lower than normal.

We typically receive double the amount given in a normal month in December. We’d love to see $90,000 donated this December to hold us over in the lean months. This is a great time of year to setup a recurring donation on The Well Online. More importantly, our end of year giving allows us to dream and execute on new opportunities that God has put before us whether that is hiring a new position, investing in new equipment, or thinking about our next church plant.


In the last 7 years we have planted The Well Boulder, The Well Longmont, Gospel Life Church, and The Table. Not only this, but we’ve given around $100K away to church plants. End of year giving inspires us to pray and consider what more God can do through us. Money is simply a resource that churches get to use for kingdom advancement. Imagine what a gospel-centered church could do in Boulder and the world if money was no obstacle.

We already worship the God who owns everything and has given his church immeasurable riches in the gospel. With your generous contribution at the end of the calendar year, we’re freed up to pray and dream about creating a Christ-devoted community which transforms our city. We’re able to pray and dream about where God is moving and working and how we might be part of that in planting churches where the gospel is not being proclaimed yet.

Think big this time of year with your financial giving. Think big because God’s vision is big and what he is doing at The Well is beautiful. God is just getting started here. Join us today.