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What's The Well Like?

Every Sunday we have a quick intro class to life with The Well. The question we try answer is "what is The Well like? What are we trying to create?" It is important to recognize not only what we want to do but who we are to be. Followers of Jesus find their identity in him not hobbies, failures, or successes. We are his. As a church in Boulder, this means that we feel that we should be marked by 4 things:

1. Gospel-Centered: The gospel is what saves and sanctifies us. It is God, his kingdom, and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We want to be a people marked by the gospel in every sphere of life. This means we recognize our need for a savior continually and bring the gospel to bear on every situation. We rejoice in that God saves sinners; he saves us.

2. Authentic: We want to be community marked by relational authenticity. No one is perfect. We should anticipate difficulty and hardships in relating to one another as well as the joy that comes in reconciliation. Hiding our sin and shame does nothing but destroy us personally and communally. Everyone from pastors to babies are in need of God’s grace.

3. Missional: We are a church that lives as a team of missionaries. We were sent here to be lovers of God and all people. We take on the attitude of a learner with respect to the culture around us and seek to contextualize the gospel rightly in our setting.

4. Joyful: The overflow of our identity in Christ are good works which promote the good of the world and His glory. We want to be a people who are marked by worship in all areas of life so that family, work, and play are all places where God is worshipped rightly. Joyful living means loving and working hard, being faithful where God has placed you, and seeking the good of the community around you.