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Volunteer Spotlight: The Horjus

We are working to provide a brief spotlight on the blog for volunteers in each of the church ministries to give some insight into the different opportunities to serve at The Well. To find out more about serving on the First Impressions team, please contact our Ministry Coordinator, Maggie Costley.


Ryan and Maren Horjus

How long have you been serving on the First Impressions team?
~2 years

Ryan is a hardware engineer at Gogo and Maren is the Destinations Editor at BACKPACKER magazine.

Favorite band/musician/musical influence:
The couple originally bonded over their mutual love for the Naked and Famous, a really weird, electronic alt-rock band. Ryan generally listens to that kind of music. Maren digs that stuff, but also has no shame over her affinity for top-40 jams.

What do you like best about serving on the First Impressions team?
Being a part of the First Impressions team feels less like service and more like a bonus. We’re essentially “Friend Finders,” who are responsible for making every visitor (especially newbies) feel welcome. It’s fun connecting people and setting them up to be a part of our growing church family. It’s also the easiest way there is to meet new people (which, again, isn’t why we do it, but it’s a perk, for sure). To us, it feels like a natural extension of Jesus’ command to let your light shine.

Favorite memory from serving on the First Impressions team:
Meeting a couple that quickly became some of our tightest homies by virtue of serving on the First Impressions team. We never would have realized all of our mutual interests had we not been serving.

Final thoughts:
The First Impressions team may be the only team where you can serve well through a weakness. Clearly, extroverts and folks who excel in hospitality thrive on this team, but it’s a really avenue to personal growth if you’re more reserved (and willing to be stretched).