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Volunteer Spotlight: The Flowers

We are working to provide a brief spotlight on the blog for volunteers in each of the church ministries to give some insight into the different opportunities to serve at The Well. To find out more about serving on the Well Kids team, please contact our Well Kids Director, Andrew Reimer

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Aaron and Brittney Flower 

Where do you serve in TWK?
We serve together on Sunday mornings first service in the K-2 room, and Brittney serves as the K-5 Leader on TWK Leadership Team.

How long have you been serving in TWK?
A year and a half

Aaron: Web Developer at Human Design
Brittney: Early Childhood Educator at Boulder County Head Start

Favorite foods:
Aaron: Pasta
Brittney: Brownies

Secret talents:
Aaron: I can toss pizza dough like a boss
Brittney: I can touch my nose with my tongue

Fun fact:
We’re newlyweds and we met at our Missional Community at The Well.

How long have you lived in the Boulder area? If applicable, where did you move here from and why did you move here?
Aaron: I’ve been in Colorado for 10 years, and Boulder for 5 years. I moved to Colorado from western Michigan to attend Western State College in Gunnison, CO and moved to Boulder in 2012 to pursue life on mission with The Well Church.
Brittney: I moved to Boulder 2 years ago to attend graduate school at CU and is originally from the Seattle area in Washington State.

What do you like best about serving with TWK?
The children’s energy is contagious. We can go into the morning some weeks feeling weary or unprepared, but we continually see how God uses this ministry to disciple the children who come through those doors every week.

Any other fun tidbits to share?
We’ve had so many weeks where what we were teaching spoke specifically to our hearts that week. We served together through dating and engagement and there were moments when we just needed a gospel bomb dropped on us, and it happened many times through teaching the lessons from the Well Kids.