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Volunteer Spotlight: The Batt's Family

We are working to provide a brief spotlight on the blog for volunteers in each of the church ministries to give some insight into the different opportunities to serve at The Well. To find out more about serving on the Well Kids team, please contact our Well Kids Director, Andrew Reimer.


The Batts: Joel, Jennifer, Grace, Lily, and Jack

Where do you serve in TWK?
Jenn and Joel teach K-5 second service. Grace, Lily, and Jack serve in the toddler room.

How long have you been serving in TWK?
About 9 months

Joel owns a consulting firm specializing in medical research and devices. Jenn is a domestic engineer with mastery in carpooling and culinary arts. Her skills in laundry management have always been the downfall to any career advancement. Grace is a hardworking junior focused on finding the best college to attend (the answer is clearly UF). Lily is a freshman and master of the soccer field and cheer mat. Jack spends most of his time conquering 7th grade, though he'd prefer to already be playing baseball in the bigs.

Favorite food:
Southern fare. Our quest for sweet tea, grits, collard greens, and boiled peanuts is very rarely accomplished in the CO.

Secret talent:
Joel is the baby whisperer and can entertain small children with Jedi mind tricks.

A quirky fact or story:
Joel and Jenn have survived dating in high school, college marriage, 3 kids in 3 years, 3 cross country moves, 2 dogs, a home afflicted with a sink hole, an epic cross country RV adventure and yet still have 3 pretty awesome teenagers who don't drive their Momma to drink most nights.

How long have you lived in the Boulder area? Where did you move here from and why did you move?
We have lived in Broomfield almost 4 years. We moved from Atlanta after Joel was recruited to a medical device company.

What do you like best about serving with TWK?
Jenn was a teacher before staying home with the kids and misses the classroom. TWK lets her utilize her joy of teaching and helps focus our family with an opportunity to serve our church. 

Favorite memory and last words:
Our children so love serving the younger kiddos, toddler room dance parties and Jedi battles have been some of their favorite moments. Thank you for allowing them to serve the families at The Well and give parents an opportunity to worship without distraction. Those mornings of worship knowing our children were well cared for and loved when they were that age were so refreshing to us. Hang in there mommas and daddies of littles, the best is yet to come. There's nothing more encouraging than worshipping with your teenagers and hearing their take on the sermon over Sunday lunch.