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The Voice of Wisdom in Art



The picture for this series of one woman is taking the concept of "Voice of Wisdom" and interpreting it is as an abstract portrait of a woman personifying wisdom as we find in the book of Proverbs early on. Loose strokes and shapes represent different facets of wisdom described in Proverbs. The strokes and shapes come to together form a picture of wisdom. The artistic concept came from the streetlights bible album art for "Portraits of Jesus Christ."

Wisdom has always resided with God. Yet Proverbs tells us that she stands in the midst of the constant commotion and daily decisions of everyday existence and cries out out to all mankind. She speaks noble things. From her lips comes what is right, straight and true. Her words are never twisted or crooked. Surrounded by vile vying voices she proclaims that whoever finds her, seeks her and listens to her will find life and favor from the Lord. Does Wisdom not call?