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After 5 years of starting The Well and working to grow the church in depth and breadth, the elders of The Well have decided it is prudent for executive team to each take a 2 month sabbatical this year. Sabbaticals vary in time and purpose. Some sabbaticals are for a specific season of focus on a task, project, or book. Other sabbaticals have to do with rest and recalibration. The sabbaticals which The Well executive team will be participating in this Summer and Fall will be of the latter, sabbaticals for rest, recalibration, and re-entry into ministry with a renewed vision for work.

Matt Patrick will be on sabbatical first from May 15 through July 15. Seth Dady will have his sabbatical from July 1-August 31. Chase Davis will have his sabbatical from September 1 - October 31. Each of us will be taking time to rest and reflect on areas where God is calling us to grow. These sabbaticals are in no way a consequence of some malfunction but instead a blessing to be celebrated so that our team can be refreshed.

During each pastor’s sabbaticals, we have arranged for some of the more public duties to be covered. However, with each pastor’s absence, the rest of the team will need to cover some of their responsibilities, so prayer and service is appreciated where appropriate. Anticipate that each pastor will be unavailable and unreachable during their sabbatical. Be praying that we would have a restful time and that we would experience a fresh vision from God for what the future holds in our callings.