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3 Ways to engage The Well Music

Music at The Well comes from a place of Gospel Centrality rooted in a worshipful creativity that's particular to our community. We get questions a lot about like where to listen to our catalog, what we've written ourselves and what's next. 

Here's a 3 ways to enjoy more of The Well Music this year:

1. Stream our Catalog

We curate and constantly change the diet of music we sing on Sundays. To gauge the ebb and flow of that music at any given point, stream it on Spotify.

2. Listen to music we've written

A lot of the music we sing at The Well has been re-arranged or created with custom melodies from our own musicians. We often get asked when we'll be doing more of that, so stay tuned in 2019 to see what happens! In the meantime, you can listen to our local body of work on Soundcloud here.

3. Know why we sing

We don't just lead music on Sundays in a vacuum. It comes from a place with an intentional order, liturgy, theme and theological filter. Get the nitty gritty of the heart, mind and spirit behind our approach to musical worship at The Well with a recent sermon given on worship here.