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Missional Intentionality Part 2

In the last blog we talked about the purpose of our MC Quarterly Events and what the Central Boulder MC has been doing well. Click here to catch up.

Relational Investment
The investment came to play in how they invited people to these trips. Generally, they didn’t invite someone on this trip that they haven’t spent time intentionally getting to know first. This wasn’t to vet them or see if they were worthy of these camping trips (which would be so Christian…), but was to simply make friends. Think about it, you’d much rather attend a trip with a couple of people you know rather than go in blind right? That’s how my wife and I got into this trip. We had come to know the Witts and another girl named Shannon and they both invited us separately. So we felt comfortable taking that leap, and it paid off because we were able to attend church with new friends after that trip.

We know that God has placed us in specific spheres of influence and that’s something to really take to heart as we share the love of God with people. When this group meets people at work, the gym, cafes, bars, or through a Meetup app, they can get to know them well enough to where the conversations about life steer themselves. So when the campfire is built on these trips - there doesn’t have to be moment when one has to force a “Hey do you know my friend Jesus” plug. Tangents and rants guide conversations in meaningful ways because each person is known and at ease. These conversations naturally find their ways towards church life and purpose.

Another thing this group noticed as they were planning events was the usefulness of people they called catalyzers. These people were naturally gifted in invitation and being deliberate about getting to know people. They had warm personalities and were easy to talk to. This MC had several catalyzers that were empowered to do this well by their leaders. So once these people were let loose, the group camping trips expanded in numbers.

Once the Witts were done with their teaching, we broke out into smaller groups to talk about what we’ve learned. These groups answered four questions:

1. What are you doing that is hospitable and invitational?
2. What are some ways that you can embrace this missional intentionality mindset personally, and how can you encourage your group to do the same?
3. How has your MC been doing?
4. What are you excited about for this fall?

I got to walk around the groups and hear what was being discussed. The major points revolved around identifying and empowering catalyzers and shifting mindsets.

One group that lived in an area of town with mostly families talked of how the camping trip model wouldn’t work well in their context, which makes total sense. If people don’t like camping or can’t make the schedule work, then you can’t force that. The point is to find what you would already be doing and do that with others. So one guy, Alex, was really into homebrewing and has been doing it with friends. Alex’s wife, Catherine, has been getting really involved in the neighborhood MOPS club. Another woman, Laura, has been inviting people to events but has been handwriting invites for them. Her mindset towards it was encouraging in that she said - “if they don’t come, that is okay.” She knew the reaching out was important and made people feel cared for. Its tough to put that burden on yourself of the success of invitations. Its okay if people don’t come sometimes.

This was a wonderful night of reflection and introspection. We look forward to our next MC Quarterly event in November.

If you have questions about Missional Communities or about leading one - please email Matt.