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Goals and Objectives 17-18

Every year our leadership team goes through a 4 month process of praying and planning to ask God what he has in store for our church in the next year. Last year there were three main goals: grow in emotional and spiritual health, develop more ministry options for people to get involved, and become a more invitational church. Our church did a great job working these out. We put on seminars, conferences, rolled out spiritual gifts assessments, started new ministries, etc. I’m really proud of our church for all the great things that God is doing in and through us. 

On Sunday (7/30/17), Matt shared our goals and objectives for the coming year (July 17 – June 18). We are sharing them here so that you can check them out for yourself. After much prayer and planning, here they are:

1. BECOME A CHURCH THAT DOES WHAT IT THINKS – We have a lot of ideas as a church and we want to put them to action. We have a lot of thinkers and we want to become doers. 

• MC Grant Program - MC's can apply to receive funding for evangelism or service proejcts.

• City to City Partnership - establishing national and international church plant partners.

• Evangelistic Outreach Plan - develop and execute a plan to reach the people God has called us to reach.

• Every Leader Becomes Replaceable - volunteers and leaders raise up other leaders.

2. ADVANCE OUR IDENTITY – We’re proud of what God is doing and want to share it with our community. 

• Christian Formation Workshops - 4 workshops through the year on thinking Biblically, Christian history, Work of the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Development.

• Make It Clear Who We Are - Cultivate the attitudes of our series "In Boulder As It Is In Heaven."

• Raise $50K for a Residency - raise funds for church plant residents.

• Raise $200K for a Church Home - raise funds for a church building.

For more information check out the sermon from Sunday (7/30/17) on our podcast where you can subscribe and stay up to date with our sermons. In the sermon, Matt briefly explains each of these goals (bold) and objectives. Feel free to hit us up if you have any questions.