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Fall 2020 Plans


Starting August 16 we are committing to having outdoor in-person/drive-in gatherings at 10AM every week while still offering a simultaneous livestream option for those who are unable to make it for whatever reason.

Why switch to one service time? 

We have been keeping our services at 9 and 11AM in the hopes that we would be able to find a building which would let us hold services even with a 50 person government restriction. If we offered two services with this restriction, we felt it would be a win. The school district is still not giving us a definitive answer and so we have decided to simply commit to outdoor/drive-in services until the restrictions are lifted or we find a facility that can accommodate our church.

What will this allow us to achieve?

Greater unity and community during this season of isolation. By combining services for a season, we will be able to see more people in person and more people will interact in our online service experience. 

What about Kids?

Alyssa and our staff are working on coordinating a children's service which your kids could watch on a device during the sermon. We are also coming up with other creative solutions to make the drive-in experience more enjoyable with young children in the car. 

Where will we meet?

We are currently meeting at Calvary Bible in Boulder. We are working on finding a more central location that can accommodate our church and will let you know when we find a location. We are developing a plan for outdoor gathering protocols so that you can participate in our gatherings outside your car and will let you know as soon as those are finalized.

What about safety?

We will be following all health department instructions for any drive-in and outdoor services. 

Regular drive-in services?

This is a big change for our church but in this season of change it is not that significant. I realize that keeping the rhythm of 9 and 11 has been habitual now for years and it will be challenging for some of us to adapt (myself included). Speaking honestly, my own resistance to this change has been because I liked keeping things the same while it seems the world around us is constantly changing. But, during this season where we all feel isolated and disconnected, the gathering of the body of Christ has never felt more important. 

If you have been holding off on coming to drive-in services, hold off no longer. Starting August 16th this will be our rhythm until the situation improves. If you're able and willing to meet in this manner, we would love to see you there. If you're not ready or able just yet, you can still participate in our church community through our online church experience every week. 

I love this church and I know that God is doing great things through our church. This week someone shared the gospel with someone and they got saved! Keep up the great work Well Church! God is not done with us, far from it, he's just getting started.

Pastor Chase Davis