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Dig Groups

What is a Dig Group?

Dig groups are groups of 2-5 people (we recommend gender specific) who get together on a regular basis to disciple one another into Christ in their head, heart, and hands. Discipleship focuses on beliefs, affections, and life.

How do I get connected to a Dig Group?
Talk with your Missional Community leader about what Dig Group you should join up with. To join a Missional Community, attend the next Connect Class on the first Sunday of the month or search for Missional Communities on The City.

Typical Dig Group Meeting:

Frequency - once a week for 1 hour
10 minutes - Catch up from last week and what is going in your life.
20 Minutes - Discuss what you’ve studied and read. Ask the question “what is true?” See Head resources below.
20 minutes - Discuss how what you’ve read challenges you. Ask the question “how does what is true challenge me to be different?” See Heart resources below.
10 Minutes - Discuss how you should live in light of what has challenged you. Ask the question “what should I do in response to how I’ve been challenged?” See Hands resources below.

Suggested Resources:

Head - as disciples of Jesus, we seek to know Him more.
Knowing God by J.I. Packer
Center Church by Tim Keller
ESV Bible Reading Plan
33 (Men’s Study)
She Reads Truth (Women’s Study)

Heart - as disciples of Jesus, we repent of our sins and examine who God has made us to be.
X-Ray Questions
Servants by Design

Hands - as disciples of Jesus, we live differently. Our lives (rest, play, work) are transformed by our relationship with Jesus.
Watch a show together
Share a meal together
Serve the poor together
Hike Sanitas together
Ski together
Take kids to park together
Share the gospel with others
Invite your neighbors or friends to join any activities you do

Dig Groups are a tool for discipleship. Each group can be modified in frequency and in size depending on your stage of life. Join a group and starting following Jesus together.