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Develop Healthy Servant Leadership

One of our goals this year as a church is to develop healthy servant leadership. We want to be a church which models the leadership of Jesus in serving one another. Just as Jesus came to earth not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45), we want to serve one another. We want to do so not to earn one another’s affections or approval but for the benefit of others. We desire to serve out of love for one another and love for God.

We plan to do this in a few ways this year. We’ve grown to 12 Missional Communities gathered throughout our county. We’re developing a quarterly meeting for our MC leaders to gather and connect with one another. As a church we’re also clarifying and developing pathways to serve together as a church. This includes creating more consistent and thorough expectations for volunteers in different areas of service.

This Fall we’re launching The Well Leaders which is a 9 month leadership development program. In this program, we’ll work through the competence and confidence required to be leader. Covering things like emotional health, spiritual vitality, organizational acumen, this leadership development program is sure to equip people interested in leading others.

Also this Fall, we took all of our ministry leaders to the Acts 29 Conference in Dallas which was focused on healthy leadership. Finally, this coming Spring we’ll be having a dinner celebrating what God has been doing at The Well through all of our existing leaders and volunteers. I hope you’ll join us as we serve one another as Christ as served us.