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Churches Planting Churches

Two Sundays ago, our church plant resident Aaron Britton preached at The Well. He also used that time to introduce himself to our community. We are excited about this partnership as we continue to advance our mission to proclaim the gospel and make disciples. Aaron and his team will be relaunching this August in Broomfield.

Here's some information from Aaron about his church: "Gospel Life Church, is all about advancing the Gospel. As we seek to re-launch in Broomfield, we’re grateful to partner with The Well. We want to live and show how the Gospel brings rest in a high-achieving, burned out, over-committed culture. Two realities guide us 1) The Gospel changes everything an 2) Spiritual growth happens most effectively in community. We are using our time in the residency to prepare for planting and growing."

Feel free to reach out to Aaron with questions at We will be providing more information in the coming months about how you might be able to be more involved in this plant.