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Become More Knowledgable On What It Means to be a Diverse Church in Our Context

Another goal of ours this year is to become more familiar with what it would look like to be a church marked by diversity. Some people view diversity with an eye towards skin color. Others picture diversity in line with the book of James with the poor and rich in the church together striving for unity. Still yet others view diversity with regards to social status.

We want to know what a diverse church in Boulder could look like. This will mean that we are clarifying what it means to be a diverse church by reading United by Trillia Newbell. We want to have a unified vision of what it means to be a diverse church. We are also going to host a workshop on church diversity in the coming year. We also want to engage in more regular way in areas of social justice and service in our county through our missional communities.

Diversity in the church is a signpost towards the coming kingdom where we will no longer be hostile towards those whom we see as other. We will instead celebrate alongside everyone who has been saved by Jesus regardless of skin tone, socio-economic status, or cultural preferences. We won’t view these things as obstacles to unity but instead celebrate the diversity of God’s kingdom.