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Become More Fruitful

Our third goal for this year as a church is to become more fruitful. Biblically, fruitfulness has to do with both holiness and disciple making. Some churches pit faithfulness and fruitfulness against one another as if making efforts to grow is somehow contrary to just “letting go, and letting God.” We desire to be both faithful and fruitful.

We want to see The Well grow numerically. As we seek to see Boulder transformed by the gospel, we want every person in Boulder County know a follower of Jesus. In order for this to happen, we need more churches planted and the existing churches in our county to grow. We also want to have a more stable presence on campus. This fall we are started an on campus Bible Study led by one of our members.

We want to see more people experience conversion in our midst this year. God is ready and able to save. We want to see him save people here in Boulder. Another way we’re seeking to become more fruitful is by planting a church congregation in the area surrounding Boulder. Brad Edwards, our church plant resident, is spearheading that effort and is hoping to have some sort of formal gathering launched next Fall.

As we seek to become more fruitful, we do not abandon our core values and commitment to the gospel in our own lives. In fact, it is only by the gospel changing lives that we can then minister to others. We can’t give away something we don’t have. This year we’re striving to develop depth and be more fruitful in the ministry entrusted to us.