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Advent Generosity




Generosity is one of the defining marks of the Christian life. Older Bible translations translated the Greek word agape as charity. Today it is rightfully translated as love but it is interesting to think about the connection between love and charity. Jonathan Edwards, using the King James Version, wrote extensively on charity (love). He believed love to be the preeminent expression of the Christian life. And this love was exemplified to us by the sacrifice and generosity of Jesus Christ. The love of Jesus is a declaration of God’s radical generosity.


In 2 Corinthians 8 and 9, Paul wrote to the church at Corinth regarding giving. He wanted to highlight that giving is a reflection of the generosity of God himself. And that our giving should be done cheerfully. Giving is not essentially an act of mortification, that is putting sin to death (although giving can be helpful in thwarting greed). It is essentially a reflection of the generosity of God with us. Christians should be loving, generous people because God is loving and generous towards us. We who were made rich because Christ was made poor. You won’t hear us at The Well talk about a tithe because that is typically related to giving God what we owe him. We can never repay God for the gift of himself. Instead, we should live generously with our money. 


During the Advent season, we reflect on the generosity of God in sending the Son into the world. Our deepest hopes, longings, and needs are satiated in him. Generosity in the life of a Christian is not a optional add on. It is a fundamental disposition reflecting gratitude. Our gratitude for the gospel leads us to be generous people with out time, our treasure, and our talents. During this Advent season, give generously. Be generous with your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your church. Give abundantly and cheerfully this time of year.

You can give here at The Well by going to this link HERE.