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What We’re Going for in 2019-2020

The Well’s leaders and elders go through an annual process of discerning where God might be inviting us to grow as a church. This year is no different and so we wanted to share with you some things we feel called to pursue this year at The Well.


Our first goal we feel led to pursue this year is to win the weekend with respect to creating a hospitable environment and excellent Sunday morning worship experience. Some ways we’re going to attempt to see this cultivated is by maturing our Sunday morning worship experience. This will look like implementing a kids worship experience in our kids area, doubling the exterior signage at Casey Middle School on Sundays, creating welcome bags for first time guests, and training our kids volunteers further on the craft of hospitality.


A second way we’d like to win the weekend is through creating invitational experiences. This will look like having a series specifically oriented towards inviting new people including neighbors, coworkers, and friends. With that, we’re also increasing our spending on getting the word out about The Well. This will also involve equipping you with invite cards and more plus creating a prayer and evangelism board so our church can pray for each other as we invite other people to know Jesus.


Our second goal we feel led to pursue is to form our church more into Christ. This of course should be a lifelong goal of any church. However, the ways we feel led to pursue to this over the year are by inviting lots of people to go through our membership process, developing 10 new Missional Community leaders, and getting our church to take a spiritual experience survey.

Some other ways we’d like to do this are through designing a sermon series on spiritual formation, designing materials on “How to Pray”, giving our key leaders training with Crosspoint, and bringing in some coaches to raise up the next generation of leaders at our church.


As we celebrate 8 years together as a church, it’s important to look back and admire the grace of God through our life together. We’ve seen 3 churches planted from The Well. We’ve seen hundreds of people hear the gospel that would have otherwise never heard it. We’ve seen a regular influx of visitors and new people every Sunday at our church. We’ve seen marriages healed, discipleship groups started, ministries started, and people come to know Jesus through The Well. We’re so thankful to be part of God’s mission in Boulder and to the ends of the earth.