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Christians often speak "Christianeeze" and fail to explain what they mean by certain terms, which is a surefire way to create a self-focused community that doesn't seek to learn the language of their surrounding culture and communicate with the lost in an understandable way. The word "disciple" is one of many Christianeeze terms. The goal is not to abandon its use, but to ...

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I'm Tired

The other day I worked around the house all day. I got to go to Home Depot not once but twice, and yes, I consider that a good thing. I got to use a circular saw to cut wood and I cleaned my grill - my back porch is officially open for the summer. When I was done I was tired - and it was good. It seems to me that every conversation with every adult that I have usually sta...

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Missional Community

Missional communities are the primary way we connect with others, live our lives on mission and remind one another of the gospel. The idea stems from two obvious root concepts: "missional" and "community" both of which are as hot in the church world as the words "organic" and "enlightenment" are in Boulder. It would be helpful if we had a working definition of both of thes...

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Christ and the Church Part 1

If marriage is to be a reflection of the relationship between Christ and the church (Ephesians 5:22-33), then it is of utmost importance that we represent this relationship well. To misrepresent this relationship is to preach a false gospel. When our marriages are not based on the relationship between Christ and the church, we don't just have a marriage problem, we have a ...

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Christ and the Church Part 2

In part 1 of this post we examined the nature of analogy, freedom and equality. In this post we'll get into the text (Ephesians 5:22-33) and examine what it exactly means for wives to submit to their husbands and for husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church. Christ loves the church. Do you believe that? The messy, broken and beautiful church. He died for th...

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Music at The Well

What does it look like to worship God all the time? Do everything to draw attention to His greatness and goodness. It means loving our spouse and children, serving others, spending our money, helping the poor, driving our car, going to school, working our jobs, playing sports, and enjoying our hobbies in ways that bring glory to the Savior whose praise will never cease. W...

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Subtle Lies of Social Media

From time to time I find it helpful to make an inventory of all the things that are calling for my affections. I do this to see what other than Jesus is getting my attention. Once I make the list I will look at how much time I am devoting to these things. If I am giving more time and energy to things on that list than Jesus I can usually identify it as an idol. The lis...

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Growth is Messy

The book of Acts is one of my favorite books in the Bible because it gives the account of one of my favorite things to study, the early church. What I have found is that it has become trendy to look at the first three chapters or so of Acts and say, "Look at how awesome the early church was, how come my church isn't like this?" This is a valid question. Our churches should...

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A City Transformed

My wife wears glasses most days and most days they have smudges on them. My 2 year old is constantly needing his mom and it just so happens he also wants her glasses. He'll smudge them, get peanut butter on them, throw them, drool on them. This means that she has to constantly clean them. If she didn't, she wouldn't be able to see. Organizations need a clear vision of wha...

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X-Ray Questions

Dig groups are groups of 2-5 people (we recommend gender specific) who get together on a regular basis to disciple one another into Christ in their head, heart, and hands. Discipleship focuses on beliefs, affections, and life. It's helpful in Dig Groups to have some questions to drive the conversation. Sometimes we can be lost for words or confused as to what questions we...

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