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What is the Gospel? It was the question that silenced everyone. No one at the table was able to comprehend the softball subject that was tossed out into the conversation. And still there it was: a term so simply accepted by Christians daily, and yet a word we stake everything we do on. But still no one responded. Many times we become so comfortable with our Christian voca...

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3 Things We Saw at Our Baptism Gathering

A few weeks ago The Well church held its very first baptism gathering, and it was an amazing time for our new community here in Boulder. As a church plant, it is imperative that we celebrate when God moves and blesses us, and the celebration of God's glory was the goal of our baptism gathering. While celebrating, I saw 3 things that stood out to me. Honestly, what I saw b...

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Christians often speak "Christianeeze" and fail to explain what they mean by certain terms, which is a surefire way to create a self-focused community that doesn't seek to learn the language of their surrounding culture and communicate with the lost in an understandable way. The word "disciple" is one of many Christianeeze terms. The goal is not to abandon its use, but to ...

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I'm Tired

The other day I worked around the house all day. I got to go to Home Depot not once but twice, and yes, I consider that a good thing. I got to use a circular saw to cut wood and I cleaned my grill - my back porch is officially open for the summer. When I was done I was tired - and it was good. It seems to me that every conversation with every adult that I have usually sta...

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Missional Community

Missional communities are the primary way we connect with others, live our lives on mission and remind one another of the gospel. The idea stems from two obvious root concepts: "missional" and "community" both of which are as hot in the church world as the words "organic" and "enlightenment" are in Boulder. It would be helpful if we had a working definition of both of thes...

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