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Responding in Mourning for Boulder

We know that on a day like today a lot is happening in our hearts and minds. All this week, we want to guide you as best as we can to process Boulder's King Soopers shooting. Starting with prayer is often the best response in tragedy, before we choose to act and before we choose to launch opinions. Be with your church today. Be with these families and victims in prayer....

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3 Ways to engage The Well Music

Music at The Well comes from a place of Gospel Centrality rooted in a worshipful creativity that's particular to our community. We get questions a lot about like where to listen to our catalog, what we've written ourselves and what's next.Here's a 3 ways to enjoy more of The Well Music this year:1. Stream our CatalogWe curate and constantly change the diet of music we sing...

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The art of Judgment vs. Hope in Isaiah

This post examines the meaning behind the sermon series art used in God Saves Sinners. ...

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