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Educate yourself: resources to learn about race

Looking for gospel-centred resources to fight against racism? Read Pastor Matt's recommended resources to get you started. The goal with these resources below is not to agree with everything in every resource, but to begin listening and learning. We will be adding resources over time to make this list even better. ...

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3 Things We Saw at Our Baptism Gathering

A few weeks ago The Well church held its very first baptism gathering, and it was an amazing time for our new community here in Boulder. As a church plant, it is imperative that we celebrate when God moves and blesses us, and the celebration of God's glory was the goal of our baptism gathering. While celebrating, I saw 3 things that stood out to me. Honestly, what I saw b...

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I'm Tired

The other day I worked around the house all day. I got to go to Home Depot not once but twice, and yes, I consider that a good thing. I got to use a circular saw to cut wood and I cleaned my grill - my back porch is officially open for the summer. When I was done I was tired - and it was good. It seems to me that every conversation with every adult that I have usually sta...

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Subtle Lies of Social Media

From time to time I find it helpful to make an inventory of all the things that are calling for my affections. I do this to see what other than Jesus is getting my attention. Once I make the list I will look at how much time I am devoting to these things. If I am giving more time and energy to things on that list than Jesus I can usually identify it as an idol. The lis...

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Growth is Messy

The book of Acts is one of my favorite books in the Bible because it gives the account of one of my favorite things to study, the early church. What I have found is that it has become trendy to look at the first three chapters or so of Acts and say, "Look at how awesome the early church was, how come my church isn't like this?" This is a valid question. Our churches should...

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Praying for Revival

"It is God's will through His wonderful grace, that the prayers of His saints should be one of the great principal means of carrying on the designs of Christ's kingdom in the world." Jonathan Edwards, Thoughts on the Revival in New England - 1740 There's quite a bit of talk amongst Christians about transforming cities with the gospel of Jesus. This excites me! I love tha...

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